Nespresso nong yu ka fei

Nespresso Launched New Chinese Name Nong Yu Ka Fei (浓遇咖啡) Created by Labbrand

SHANGHAI, 16 October 2019 – On 10 October, Nespresso officially unveiled its new Chinese name, Nong Yu Ka Fei (浓遇咖啡). Pioneering the premium portioned coffee segment, Nespresso has shaped the global coffee culture thanks to its range of Grand Cru coffees, innovative machines and exclusive, personalized services.

Nespresso consistently delivers the finest coffee experience to coffee lovers through the highest quality coffee
Nespresso consistently delivers the finest coffee experience to coffee lovers through the highest quality coffee

With the growing popularity of coffee culture in China, Nespresso has continuously facilitated interactions with Chinese culture and consumers since its entry in 2007. The brand’s mission is to bring the exceptional “Nespresso” experience to more coffee enthusiasts.

Before the official Chinese name, the transliteration 奈斯派索 [nài sī pài suǒ] of Nespresso has been known by the Chinese customers for years. In order to enhance the presence of Nespresso in the China market, the company commissioned Labbrand to create a new Chinese brand name that can be logically linked to Nespresso and convey an aspirational, approachable and high-quality coffee experience.

Finally, the brand chose Nong Yu Ka Fei (浓遇咖啡) as the new brand name. By sharing identical sound with 浓郁[nóng yù](strong, rich), 浓遇[nóng yù] not only ingeniously echoes with the iconic element “espresso” from the original name but also indicates deep affection (浓情[nóng qíng]) with the brand. The character 浓[nóng] suggests the richness of coffee while 遇[yù](meet) highlights the wonderful encounter with Nespresso. 

Nespresso is committed to delivering the pleasant coffee enjoyment to coffee lovers
Nespresso is committed to delivering the pleasant coffee enjoyment to coffee lovers

“As a result of the ever-growing demand for outstanding personalized coffee experiences in China, and with the increasing number of sophisticated coffee consumers, Chinese coffee culture has been on the fast track of transformation and development ever since,” said Alfonso Troisi, Business Executive Officer of Nespresso Greater China. “We attach great importance to the growth of the China market as a strategy, paying close attention to the voices from Chinese coffee drinkers, to best understand the local coffee culture. Therefore, we launched Nespresso's new Chinese brand name with the hope that it will resonate strongly amongst Chinese consumers and bring greater brand awareness as coffee culture continues to grow in China. It is meant to better cater to the Chinese market, and to make a difference by promising to create the distinctive yet enjoyable coffee moments that our consumers deserve.”

An extraordinary coffee experience taking "intense" flavor and aroma
An extraordinary coffee experience taking "intense" flavor and aroma

The new Chinese name inherits the brand origin as well as uplifts the essence of Nespresso. Most importantly, this name is easy to understand for Chinese consumers at first sight: meet the authentic espresso and let rich aromas linger in your mouth. (“浓”香留齿,“遇”意悠长。)

It is all about the perfect coffee experience. We wanted the name to be as concise as Nespresso, and 浓遇 [nóng yù] definitely made it. We hope this wonderful "encounter" truly gives you an everyday luxury experience.

Alva Lv
Labbrand Senior Consultant, Verbal Identity

We do have very high expectations for Nespresso Chinese naming. Under this context, 浓遇 [nóng yù] stood out among all the others with a vivid storytelling charm that gains instinct appeal from both our consumers and internal members. And Labbrand team has demonstrated strong resilience despite the challenges to finally land on a great name. They have been our trustworthy partner along this branding journey.

Alfonso Troisi
Business Executive Officer of Nespresso Greater China

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