Labbrand Wins at Transform Awards APAC 2018

Hong Kong, 20 November, 2018 -- Labbrand’s work with The Coca-Cola Company, Monde Nissin, GF Securities and Hsu Fu Chi was honoured with five awards at the 5th annual Transform Awards APAC.

The awards include:

GOLD award in Best Use of a Visual Property for The Coca-Cola Company on the packaging design of the Coca-Cola City Cans Launch Communications;

SILVER award in Best Localisation of an International Brand for Monde Nissin’s subsidiary brand Quorn targeted at the Asia region;

BRONZE award in Best Wayfinding or Signage for the headquarters and office of GF Securities;

BRONZE award in Best Implementation of a Brand Development Project for The Coca-Cola Company City Cans Launch Communications;

BRONZE award in Best Strategic or Creative Development of a New Brand for Hsu Fu Chi's new boutique brand 呈味空间.

Labbrand Wins at Transform Awards APAC 2018

Andrew Thomas, publishing editor at Transform magazine, says, “We are proud to host an evening where those in the branding community can celebrate and take pride in their achievements”.

“This year, the calibre of submission has been phenomenal, and the clients and agencies that have won have demonstrated outstanding creative ability and strategic insight”.

Labbrand worked closely with The Coca-Cola Company for its City Can Launch Communications, celebrating the cultural diversity of Chinese cities through a series of packaging design visuals that are printed on Coca-Cola cans launched nation-wide. The work was also awarded with Bronze Award for Best Implementation of a Brand Development Project. 


Labbrand’s work with Monde Nissin and its brand Quorn to develop a localization strategy for the Asian region was recognized at the awards. The localization strategy was implemented primarily in the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore market with insights derived from extensive consumer research conducted by Labbrand. 


Labbrand’s work for developing the Wayfinding System for GF Securities' new headquarters was also celebrated. The work sets the foundation for the evolution of the brand identity through a dynamic design solution derived from strategic insights. 

Labbrand’s work for developing the Wayfinding System for GF Securities' new headquarters was also celebrated

Lastly, Labbrand worked closely with confectionery company Hsu Fu Chi to conduct a comprehensive brand strategy project, helping to rejuvenate the master brand, and also to develop the brand positioning and Chinese verbal identity identity 呈味空间 [chéng wèi kōng jiān] for the new boutique brand while providing suggestions for the further interpretation across different touch-points. 


Labbrand, a China-originated global brand consultancy with a cross-disciplinary approach, has won recognitions at Transform Awards Asia-Pacific at each year’s competition since 2014.

About Labbrand

Labbrand is the leading China-originated global brand consultancy with regional operations in APAC (Shanghai, Singapore), Europe (Paris), and North America (New York, Vancouver). We drive forward the positive power of branding. Leading brands on impactful journeys, we create meaningful brand experiences by bringing together excellence in research, strategy, design and verbal identity.

About The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company is an American corporation, and manufacturer, retailer and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups. The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with more than 500 sparkling and still brands. The company’s portfolio features Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, vitaminwater, Powerade, Minute Maid and others but is best known for its flagship product Coca-Cola, invented in 1886 by pharmacist John Stith Pemberton. 

About Monde Nissin

Monde Nissin is a Philippine-based company that manufactures noodles, biscuits, packaged baked goods, and culinary aids under the brands Lucky Me!, Nissin, Voice, Bingo and Monde. Monde Nissin's subsidiaries include Monde M.Y. San, manufacturer of iconic biscuit brands SkyFlakes and Fita; Monde Nissin Thailand; and Monde Nissin Australia, comprising the businesses Black Swan, Nudie, and Menora Foods. The company also distributes Kellog's Mama Sita's, and Dutch Mill in the Philippines. Since 2000, Monde Nissin has been consistently included in the top 50 corporations in the Philippines.

About GF Securities

Established in 1991, GF Securities is one of the first, full-service securities companies in China. The GF Securities group provides diverse financial services to enterprises and individuals (primarily high-net-worth), institutional investors, financial service organizations, and government entities. While simultaneously increasing industry standings and achieving exceptional operating results, the reputation and brand influence of GF Securities continue to expand globally. From 2015 to 2017, GF Securities has consistently been ranked by Hurun Report as one of the top three securities companies throughout China. 

About Hsu Fu Chi

Hsu Fu Chi (徐福记) is a Chinese company, based in Dongguan, China, that manufactures various confectioneries, biscuits, chocolates, jellies, sachima, and snacks. The company is majority owned by Nestlé, and minority owned by the Hsu family. Established in Taiwan, and has been start business in China since 1992 and a leading brand of confectionery, cake and chocolate in China market. HFC has over 1,000 products for satisfying variety consumers in world.

About Transform Awards

The Transform Awards is a global celebration of brand development, reputation management and rebranding. Established in 2009, the Transform Awards has evolved into a celebration of the indispensable talent that exists within the branding sphere. Covering Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, North America and Europe, the Transform brand itself is truly global, with no other outlet as committed to providing such comprehensive coverage of the brand environment.Each of the prestigious award programmes focuses on specific aspects of the branding process and provides a platform from which to benchmark and showcase excellence.