Labbrand Releases New Brand Design Delivering a Vibrantly Bold Identity

January 5th 2021, Shanghai: Labbrand, a global leading brand consultancy, reveals its new brand identity including refreshed brand signature, along with the launch of a new website experience. These changes come at the time when the company is celebrating its 15th anniversary and stepping into the new era, bringing inclusive, state-of-the-art brand consulting services to the world. 

Labbrand Shanghai Headquarter
Labbrand Shanghai Headquarter

Founded in Shanghai in 2005, Labbrand begins with offering research and brand naming services to clients. Throughout the past 15 years, Labbrand’s Research, Strategy, Naming and Design services work in concert to provide companies across different industries with innovative branding solutions. The company has proven to its clients its unique ability to unveil global consumer insights and translate them into effective brand strategies, product and service innovations, to craft unique messaging, visual identities and brand names, and to design brand experiences that make a relevant and innovative usage of digital technologies. 

In 2019, Labbrand Group was established, comprises Labbrand, the global leading brand consultancy, MADJOR, the digital brand consultancy, and SpringPillar, the cultural transformation agency. Labbrand Group creates value for the entire organizations across Marketing, Service Innovation, HR and R&D.

Labbrand celebrates 15 years of brand innovations this year. Our company has grown from a start-up in Shanghai to become one of the most recognized global brand consultancies, keeping its headquarters in China.” Says Vladimir Djurovic, the founder and CEO of Labbrand, “We aim to work together with like-minded companies and form strategic partnerships with our clients involving our methods across departments and throughout the value generation cycle.

The new visual style of Labbrand is the expression of the modern identity of the company. Since its foundation, Labbrand has utilised the expertise in Research, Strategy, Naming and Design, driving hundreds of brands forward amidst shifting business environment.  The new visual system is the representation of the company’s commitment to be the Guiding Partner for Brand Innovations. The concept of the creation behind the design is to offer an immersive experience to a journey depicting the Labbrand universe, a place in which the viewers can experience and comprehend the depth and beauty of the culture embedded in words, ideas, visuals and expressions. Throughout the journey, Labbrand will enact as the guiding partner and lead the audience through the journey to a meditative and dimensional projection of Labbrand. 

LABBRAND New Brand Identity Reveal Video

Labbrand’s new design language is contemporary yet powerful, expressing the company’s modern character. By applying vibrant and bold colors together with the contrast of shape, lights, texture and scale, the new visual system portrays a dreamlike universe that projects the core value and vision of Labbrand. The clean shapes and lines bring an easy understanding of the uniqueness of Labbrand’s universe, creating an exceptional experience of the journey and inspire the viewer with innovative ideas that empower brands.

LABBRAND New Visual Language.
LABBRAND New Visual Language.

The brand-new signature expresses openness and strength of character. The L shape represents Labbrand, and the land we stand on. Inspired by the perspective seen from the binocular, the blue arrow symbolizes a visionary guiding partner leading brands through the unexpected journey of brand innovation and explores the possibilities to impact the world. Another inspiration for the signature design comes from the 4 Facets, the exclusive brand analysis model created by Labbrand, offering a unique point of view to interpret brands. The signature can be transformed into four different configurations, representing the four pillars in Labbrand. This is also a symbolization of the nimble and agile character of the company, which is an essential quality for brand innovations.

 The Deconstruction of Labbrand’s New Brand Signature
The Deconstruction of Labbrand’s New Brand Signature

The newly designed website features an easy-to-navigate interface with clear, strong messaging. The design presents and celebrates the innovative brand identity of the company, while the layout and structure offer a smooth and intuitive user experience. The site showcases Labbrand’s work across Naming, Research, Strategy and Design.

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About Labbrand

LABBRAND, a Labbrand Group company, is a leading global brand consultancy founded in China in 2005 with offices in Singapore, New York, Vancouver and Paris.

As your Guiding Partner for Brand Innovations, we offer comprehensive consultancy on Naming, Branding and Innovations to create and develop impactful brands. 

Through seamless coordination of our expertise in Insights, Strategy, Naming and Design, we translate brand ideas into impactful identities and experiences that strengthen your brand equity.