OSRAM’s LED Automotive Lamp Series

Labbrand Creates Chinese Name 迅亮者 for OSRAM’s LED Automotive Lamp Series

SHANGHAI, 23 OCTOBER 2018 – OSRAM, the Munich-based lighting manufacturer, introduced its LED automotive lamp series with the Chinese name 迅亮者 [xùn liàng zhě] created by Labbrand.

OSRAM is a global lighting manufacturer that provides lighting solutions and is the leader in automotive car lighting. The brand offers a broad portfolio of lamp options for automotive application, including LED signal lamps for cars, motorcycles and trucks. As the leader in lighting innovations for vehicles, OSRAM delivers high-quality, aesthetically pleasing and highly-durable products for car-owners around the world.

Labbrand, the leading China-originated global brand consultancy, worked closely with OSRAM to create the Chinese name 迅亮者[xùn liàng zhě] for its LED lamp series.迅 [xùn] means rapid and 亮[liàng] means bright, which signifies the lamps’ core strengths – providing prompt and powerful illumination. 者 [zhě] directly translates to person. When combined, the straightforward name resonates with consumers while simultaneously communicating the product series’ key benefits.

 OSRAM’s LED Automotive Lamp Series

“Osram automotive application lighting sector adopts a smart nomenclature using personified approach. This new product series is named as 迅亮者 to clearly connote its selling points, which we believe can help enable an easy conversation between car workshop workers with consumers.” Judy Wang, Creative Director of Labbrand, expressed. 

About Labbrand

Labbrand is the leading China-originated global brand consultancy with regional operations in APAC (Shanghai, Singapore), Europe (Paris), and North America (New York, Vancouver). We drive forward the positive power of branding. Leading brands on impactful journeys, we create meaningful brand experiences by bringing together excellence in research, strategy, design and verbal identity.


OSRAM Licht AG, based in Munich, is the global No. 1 in automotive car lighting and a globally leading lighting manufacturer with a history dating back more than 100 years. OSRAM’s portfolio ranges from high-tech applications based on semiconductor technology to smart and connected lighting solutions in buildings and cities.