Omega Plus

LABBRAND Creates Chinese Brand Name For Omega Plus

Omega Plus® pet food is distributed by Omega Innovations, a division of New Zealand King Salmon which has been sustainably farming the King salmon species in the stunning Marlborough Sounds for over 20 years. The brand plan to enter the Chinese market in the year 2018 through the e-commerce platform To fully prepare the market launch and guarantee the consistent brand voice to be presented in that platform, Omega Plus has a need to involve a branding partner in order to create a meaningful brand name, develop a brand messaging guideline to have an accurate and sharp communication with clients and test both Chinese brand name and brand messaging with real Chinese consumers.

In order to firmly build the brand presence and be easily identified by its target consumers in China, the company has commissioned LABBRAND to create the CN name for this brand.

Omega Plus Pet Food
Omega Plus Pet Food

LABBRAND creates the Chinese brand name 奥鲑冠 [ào guī guàn] for Omega Plus. Being unique and premium, this name highlights the outstanding quality of the brand which is brought by 鲑冠 [guī guàn] (salmon | best, champion) – indicating the usage of King Salmon which is the best salmon in the world. It’s also catchy and distinctive as it sounds similar to the phrase 桂冠 [guì guàn] (laurel). Phonetically, 奥 [ào] reads close with Omega and also brings an imported and sophisticated feeling.

Omega Plus Pet Food
Omega Plus Pet Food

“What’s special about Omega Plus is that it makes pet food that’s 100% natural using New Zealand King Salmon as the number one ingredient. So, one of our key challenges is to well reflect this differentiating message in the Chinese name. As a result, 奥鲑冠 [ào guī guàn] fully captures the essence with a unique pun inside. We are confident that the new name will become a perfect window for Chinese pet owners to learn and understand this natural, healthy and nutritious brand from New Zealand.”

Alva Lv
Manager, Brand Verbal Strategy

"We understand that Omega Plus is a highly descriptive name, nevertheless, we hope the Chinese name can be more emotional, resonating with local consumers and being differentiating in the market. As a result, the name 奥鲑冠 [ào guī guàn] stood out among hundreds of others. It was a delightful experience to work with Labbrand. They are the experts in landing a truly localized messaging guideline and the most desired name choice.”

Simon Thomas
Divisional Manager at Omega Innovations


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About Omega Plus

Omega Plus was born out of the intention that not only humans could benefit from New Zealand’s world-class King Salmon but our Pet’s too. Omega Plus is part of New Zealand King Salmon, which has been sustainably farming salmon for over 20 years in New Zealand with world-class brands such as Ora King, Regal and Southern Ocean.
As self-professed animal lovers, we are serious about creating healthy and nutritious pet food using high-quality King Salmon from the crystal-clear waters of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds. We believe that an all-natural diet full of high-quality protein is vital for keeping our fur babies happy and healthy. That’s why we swot up on the science and source nature’s finest ingredients to create formulations that improve and maintain every aspect of our pet’s health.