Calbee Partners with Labbrand for New Chinese Product Names of Best Selling Snacks

Calbee Partners with Labbrand for New Chinese Product Names of Best Selling Snacks

Labbrand, selected partner of Calbee, announced the collaboration with the major snack manufacturer for creating the Chinese product names of Japanese best-selling snack items JagaRico and TomoRico.

Calbee’s product JagaRico, a potato snack, is the best-selling snack in Japan. Together with its brother brand TomoRico, a corn snack, they are currently distributed on Calbee Tmall International, the brand’s official online store on China’s biggest e-commerce platform. 

JagaRico and TomoRico’s new packaging
JagaRico and TomoRico’s new packaging

Labbrand created the Chinese names 薯哆口 [shǔ duō kǒu] and 玉米哆口 [yù mǐ duō kǒu] for JagaRico and TomoRico. The new names will help raise additional awareness for the popular snacks in China and familiarize the Chinese consumers with the Japanese snack manufacturer. In the future, Calbee aims to continually bring taste and fun by introducing its high-quality and innovative snack products to China and build brand awareness in the region.

JagaRico and TomoRico, with their brand-new Chinese product names, are slated to be launched on Calbee’s Tmall store on October 2019.

TomoRico, with its new introduction in 2018, and JagaRico, since 1995, one of the most popular snacks in Japan. We sincerely hope that Chinese consumers can enjoy these two yummy snacks, and share the joy and power of nature Calbee snacks brings.

Takuro Tatsumi
Brand team manager at Calbee

It’s an honor to collaborate with Calbee on this product naming project. Being a renowned snack manufacturer and company in not only Japan, but the Asia region, we are excited to support Calbee in its goal to bring healthy, innovative and fun Japanese snack products to China and to build brand awareness in the region.

Judy Wang
Creative Director at Labbrand​

About Labbrand

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About Calbee

Calbee, Inc. (カルビー株式会社 Karubī Kabushikigaisha) engages in the production and sale of snacks and other food products in Japan and internationally. It offers potato-based, flour-based, corn-and bean-based, and other snacks, as well as cereals. The company markets its products under the Potato Chips, Jagarico, Jagabee/Jaga Pokkuru, Kappa Ebisen, and Frugra brands. Calbee, Inc. was founded in 1949 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.