Labbrand Creates Chinese Brand Name 优领思 [yōu lǐng sī] and Visual Identity for Udemy

Labbrand Creates Chinese Brand Name 优领思 [yōu lǐng sī] and Visual Identity for Udemy

SHANGHAI, March 27, 2023 — Labbrand, a leading global brand consultancy renowned for its exceptional brand name creation capabilities, proudly unveils its collaboration with Udemy, the renowned global online learning and teaching platform, in the successful launch of Udemy's Chinese brand name and visual identity. The introduction of the captivating Chinese name "优领思" and its localized brand identity will enable Udemy to foster seamless communication with its Chinese audience.

The Chinese brand name 优领思 [yōu lǐng sī] was carefully crafted to reflect Udemy's mission of improving lives through learning. The name combines the characters for "excellence" - 优质内容, “leadership” - 领先行业, and "deliberation" - 构思未来, emphasizing Udemy's commitment to providing high-quality, flexible and effective skills development opportunities to organizations and individuals in China.

"We are thrilled to partner with Udemy to develop its Chinese brand name and logo," said Ray Ju, Associate Director of Labbrand New York. "With our expertise in Chinese language and culture, we were able to craft a name and logo that authentically reflects Udemy's values and mission, and will resonate with learners and businesses in China."

“China is a growing market for online learning solutions so we are excited to launch a new identity that conveys our mission and vision to Chinese professionals,” said Rich Qiu, president of New Ventures at Udemy. “We look forward to working with local organizations and individuals to provide personalized, digital-first learning experiences.”

Udemy's Chinese brand identity, developed with Labbrand's meticulous attention to detail, will play a pivotal role in establishing a strong foothold in China. This is particularly significant in light of the escalating demand for flexible and accessible corporate training solutions across the country.

Labbrand's expertise in brand name creation has seamlessly converged with Udemy's strategic vision, resulting in the creation of the compelling Chinese brand name "优领思" and a visual identity that will empower Udemy's presence and success in China's dynamic online learning landscape.


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