Unlocking the Magic of Disney Princess in China through Consumer Insights

As a global franchiser with the gathering of Princess IPs of Walt Disney, Disney Princess wishes to establish a modern, relevant and aspirational franchise for girls and young adult females in China. Labbrand undertook the project to provide consumer insights to help optimize the strategic direction/ tactical execution of Disney Princess to drive growth among Chinese targeted audience.


Disney's challenge was to understand and navigate China's complex social expectations, unique social norms and female experiences in order to bridge the gap between Chinese women's perceptions of "princesses" and Disney princess characters.



Labbrand employed consumer insights methodologies to delve into the Chinese audience's perception of princesses. Through qualitative research and in-home visits, Labbrand gathered valuable data on societal expectations, social norms, and aspirations of Chinese females. The research revealed the gaps between their thoughts on princesses and the Disney Princess characters. By developing pen portraits, Labbrand obtained a comprehensive understanding of the values that resonated with the target audience, including their definition of a princess and their favorite Disney characters.


The consumer insights provided by Labbrand played a crucial role in optimizing the strategic direction and tactical execution of the Disney Princess franchise in China. By aligning the franchise with the specific societal expectations, social norms, and aspirations of Chinese females, Disney Princess successfully resonated with the target market. The consumer insights not only enhanced the brand's appeal but also contributed to driving growth and engagement among the Chinese audience.