SWEETPEARL Chinese Brand Identity

Labbrand creates the Chinese verbal and visual identity for SweetPearl, developing the brand positioning associated with customer emotions in the Chinese marketplace.


The Roquette group family enterprise is one of the top-ranked processors of starch (N° 2 in Europe and N° 5 in the world), as well as being the world leader in polyols, and the leading European producer of maltodextrins, pyrogen free raw materials and cationic starches. In 2011 it achieved a turnover of 3 billion euros.

SweetPearl is a natural sweetener brand by Roquette launched in China to address the growing health-conscious customer base.

SweetPearl first required a powerful and effective verbal identity to facilitate its China market entry. In order to benefit from emerging product lines such as chocolate shops, bakeries (B2B) and sugar substitutes (B2C), Sweetpearl needed to establish a brand platform that guided positioning, followed by a solid brand architecture. Furthermore, SweetPearl required a visual identity system and applications tailored for the Chinese market.


We first created the Chinese verbal identity for SweetPearl. The Chinese name 享怡甜 [xiǎng yí tián] coupled with slogan “创意之甘, 灵感之甜” [chuàng yì zhī gān, líng gǎn zhī tián] (adapted from the original English slogan “The Sweetness of Inspiration”) effectively communicates its brand message in the Chinese marketplace, highlighting the product category while at the same time arousing auspicious evocations of sweetness, enjoyment, happiness, and creativity, establishing a bridge between the product itself and consumer’s emotions. 

To assist the brand’s development, we then conducted both qualitative and quantitative research for trade & consumer insights. Based on these studies, our strategy team developed relevant brand positioning and architecture for the brand. 

We also developed a customized brand visual identity for SweetPearl that included the creation of the Chinese brand logo as well as a logo integrating both the English and Chinese brand names.