Supplyframe Chinese Brand Name Creation

Supplyframe Chinese Brand Name Creation

Creating a Chinese Brand Name That Captures the Reach of Supply Chain


Supplyframe was founded in 2003 with a vision of transforming the way innovators interact with electronic component suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers. In China, Supplyframe seeks to be the most trusted source for Design-to-Source intelligence, digital engagement for the rapidly growing engineering community, and supporting digital transformation of electronics value chain leaders in China.


In order to better communicate the brand characteristics in China, Supplyframe and Labbrand collaborated to create the Chinese brand name 四方维 [sì fāng wéi], a name that has a pleasant balance with the original English name while referencing Chinese cultural symbolism.

The Chinese brand name 四方维 [sì fāng wéi] tells Supplyframe’s brand story in several ways:

  • Product Integrity Covering All Dimensions: the name leverages the existing phrase 四方 [sì fāng] which symbolizes “all sides or all directions.” The brand name reflects the data-driven nature of Supplyframe and highlights the brand’s commitment to serve customers in a 360° all-round way from design to procurement.
  • Rapidly Expanding Ecosystem: 四方 [sì fāng] also means starting from the original center and expanding limitlessly in all directions. It echoes the brand’s drive to expand the ecosystem and push China's electronic value chain to new heights.
  • Breakthrough Innovations: the third character 维 [wéi] is often associated with 思维 or “thinking” in Chinese. It reflects AI-driven solutions, indicating Supplyframe’s lead in the intelligent transformation of the global electronics supply chain.


Supplyframe was acquired by Siemens for USD 700 million in 2021 and had since expanded its footprint in China with its Chinese brand name, including the collaboration with China Automotive Engineering Research Institute (CAERI).