MADJOR X Shopify

Shopify Website Localization

MADJOR got the brief to help Shopify to localize their official website in China.

Shopify is a local partner that provides e-commerce solutions that allow users to sell and manage their products online. MADJOR benefits of Shopify in comparison to other CMS, that it is ready to use whereas in case of other CMS like Wordpress/Magento, we need to download and install them before using their services.

Shopify, in essence, is a combination of a website builder and an online store builder. In addition to displaying and selling products (digital or physical ) you can use it to create regular web content as well such as static pages, blog posts, contact forms, etc. MADJOR needed to build up a Chinese channel for the prospective merchants and partners who want to learn and sign up/partner with Shopify and address their needs to start their cross-border business.

Based on Shopify's official website grid system, MADJOR set up basic sections for main pages, such as top navigation, footer, banners, special columns, and key go-to action, etc.  Next step designers cooperate with copywriters, create nice Chinese contents which have excellent wording and proper length, pick up adaptable Chinese font sizes and fit into the typographic design.

According to the copies in banners, MADJOR also created new illustrations based on Shopify's official illustration design.


Shopify Website Localization - UI Design - Mobile - Desktop
Shopify Website Localization - UI Design


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