Rituals Collection Renaming

Rituals Collection Renaming

Bringing ancient Indian wisdom of body-mind-soul balance closer to Chinese consumers


Rituals is a well-known Netherlandish body care brand in Europe, established in 2000. The Ritual of Ayurveda is one of its most classic collections. It represents the science of life and medical method in ancient Indian culture. However, due to the meaning of “Ayurveda 阿育吠陀”, this Chinese name is very likely to be rejected because of absolute grounds such as misleading the consumers. 


With a deep understanding of the core concept of this collection and solid knowledge of verbal strategy, Labbrand successfully created the new Chinese collection name in early 2022: 梵心仪式Rituals of Sanskrit heart  [fàn xīn yí shì]. 梵心 [fàn xīn] conveys the sense of balance between body, mind and soul created by ancient Indian wisdom. This name is highly compatible with the emotional values that the Ayurveda collection intends to demonstrate. While 梵 [fàn] is reminiscent of the mystery and wisdom of ancient Indian civilization, it also means purity and peace in Chinese, which makes the name more layered and literary.


This collection's renaming not only effectively resolves the issue of communication-related difficulty in the Chinese mainland market because of its factors, but also more accurately conveys this collection's core concept, making it simpler for Chinese customers to comprehend and remember.