Nespresso Chinese Product Naming

Nespresso Chinese Product Naming - Creating Intimate and Memorable Brand Names

Labbrand successfully developed memorable and meaningful Chinese product names for Nespresso's capsules and Lattissima One coffee machine. By leveraging creative research and cultural insights, Labbrand created the name "小啡象" [xiǎo fēi xiàng], meaning "little flying elephant," to resonate with Chinese consumers and establish an intimate and authentic brand connection. The new product names effectively communicated Nespresso's brand essence and fostered a positive emotional association with the target audience.


Nespresso entered China almost 15 years with two systems, several capsule coffee machine models, and around 70 different flavors of coffee capsules. So many official product names are complicated for customers to remember. Customers usually recognize or purchase Nespresso products based on shape, colour, pattern and function. 

However, many official product names are too difficult for consumers to recall. For instance, one of the communication obstacles to reaching bigger target audiences in the Chinese market is the pronunciation and spelling of Lattissima One, the hero product of the original range. Nespresso products needed accessible, memorable and meaningful product names to communicate brand essence while cultivating a positive emotional connection with the Chinese market. 

Nespresso Chinese Product Naming


Labbrand undertook rigorous creative research into coffee culture, usage experience, and popular buzzwords to develop compelling Chinese product names. After careful consideration, Labbrand proposed the name "小啡象" [xiǎo fēi xiàng], associating the character 啡 [fēi], which means coffee, with the fixed phrase "小飞象" [xiǎo fēi xiàng], which means "little flying elephant," evoking a visual connection to the elephant-shaped Lattissima One machine. This playful and metaphorical expression not only enhanced customer intimacy but also visually aligned the name with the product's distinctive features. 

In 2022, we continued collaboration with Labbrand who created the product names for 4 hero products in Chinese. Among these, Lattissima One is the first coffee machine that owns a unique product name – playful, memorable and iconic. The whole creation process was enlightening as always. Today, with the launch of 小啡象, we look forward to sharing the distinctive yet enjoyable experience with all coffee lovers.

Nespresso Brand Team


The introduction of the Chinese product name "小啡象" [xiǎo fēi xiàng] successfully addressed the product naming challenge, enhancing Nespresso's authenticity and fostering an intimate connection with Chinese consumers. The name was implemented across various online and offline touchpoints, including Nespresso's official Chinese website, Weibo, RED, and major e-commerce platforms like Tmall. It also gained exposure through the popular reality show "毛雪汪," which had over 180 million online views.