IU Hotel Brand Identity Rejuvenation

IU Hotel Brand Identity Rejuvenation

Labbrand partnered with Jinjiang Group's GIC team and IU Hotel's brand team to undertake the project of rejuvenating IU Hotel's brand identity. As a midscale hotel brand targeting the young gaming generation, IU Hotel aimed to upgrade its brand image and appeal to the younger audience in the growing Chinese hotel market. The collaboration focused on exploring various design directions for IU Hotel, including IP characters, brand identity design applicable to hotel design, room interiors, and application design.


The challenge for IU Hotel was to revitalize its brand identity to reflect the essence of "play is justice" and to enhance its appeal among the gaming generation. The existing brand identity needed to be reimagined and aligned with the preferences and expectations of the target audience. 



Labbrand, in collaboration with the Jinjiang GIC team and IU Hotel brand team, embarked on an exploration of different design directions to rejuvenate the brand identity. The aim was to create a visual language that resonated with the gaming generation and reflected the concept of "play is justice." Labbrand conducted in-depth research and ideation to capture the spirit of gaming and the target audience's preferences, and considered various elements, including the development of unique IP characters, brand identity design that could be applied to hotel aesthetics, room interiors, and application design.



The IU Hotel brand identity rejuvenation project successfully enhanced the brand's appeal to the gaming generation. The rejuvenated brand identity showcased IU Hotel's commitment to providing a playful and immersive experience for guests. The cohesive design elements created a consistent and engaging brand experience. As a result, IU Hotel saw increased interest and affinity from the gaming generation, strengthening its position in the midscale hotel market.