Graphcore Chinese Brand Name Creation

Graphcore is a British semiconductor company that develops accelerators for AI and machine learning. It aims to make a massively parallel Intelligence Processing Unit that holds the complete machine learning model inside the processor.

Founded in 2016 in Bristol, England, Graphcore develop a new processor specifically for artificial intelligence. The company has established a Chinese subsidiary in 2019 in China. In order to firmly build the brand presence and be easily identified by its target customers in China, Graphcore has commissioned LABBRAND to create a Chinese brand name for the Chinese market.

Graphcore IPU-M2000
Graphcore IPU-M2000

LABBRAND created the Chinese name “拟未” [nǐ wèi], which associates with a blueprint to construct the future. 拟未 [nǐ wèi] is an optimistic and ground-breaking name indicating an endless exploration into future technology. 拟 [nǐ] implies simulating a human brain, reflecting human abilities of high brainpower and neural networks that Graphcore incorporates in its technology to enhance human potential.

What Graphcore doing is ground-breaking, so does the Chinese brand name. 拟未 [nǐ wèi] strongly brings the connotation of artificial intelligence. It feels grand and visionary, just like a blueprint to construct the future. We believe the new name will certainly help the brand to achieve greater success in China market. 

Alva Lv
Manager, Brand Verbal Strategy

As an international company, we value the China market and aim to establish the Graphcore brand as the industry standard for Machine Intelligence compute in China. Rather than doing a literal translation of Graphcore into Mandarin, we wanted to choose a name that portrays our vision and aspiration and which tells a compelling story to a broader audience and our final Chinese name 拟未 [nǐ wèi] certainly captures the essence of the Graphcore brand. It was an enlightening process working with Labbrand on this project. They provided expert guidance and sound research during the naming creation and decision process.

Sally Doherty
VP Marketing at Graphcore