Good Girl Carolina Herrera

Chinese Brand Name and Tagline Creation


Carolina Herrera was founded in 1980 in New York, marked by its elegant design on fashionable dresses. As a luxury brand, it aims to provide a romantic and elegant style.

In China, along with the development of society, the Chinese luxury market has occupied an important position in the world. The new generation of consumers in China tend to appreciate good design and brand concept without paying for the logo.

In the meantime, Carolina Herrera aims to bring a unique perfume experience to China with the concept of bold and independent women brought by the perfume brand “Good Girl”. The fragrance brand not only offers a unique perfume experience, but it also encourages girls to be bolder and more confident. 

Carolina Herrera Good Girl


The brand name, tagline, story, as well as persona, all surrounded the key positioning – Rebellion, or The Daring Elegance. With this idea, we want to encourage women to challenge the stereotypes and embrace their true selves.

However, the uniqueness does not stop there. As different people have different ideas about themselves, the storytelling becomes personal and convincing. 

As for the promotion strategy, it is the KOLs that resonate with the audience showcasing their “rebellious” stories. From the consumers’ perspective, they are empowered through the product and stories, as it well represents CH on the first impression and on another layer, they become the inspiration themselves, promoting the product spontaneously.


Breaking The Grid

We created the Chinese brand name 不驯女王 for GOOD GIRL. This name jumps out of common understandings on “queen”(女王 [nǚ wáng]), such as being graceful, upright and dignified. For GOOD GIRL, the queen is the one who refuses any fixed definition or any discouragement on doing bad things. 不驯 [bù xùn] points out the daring spirit of good girls, always challenging to break the boundaries of common life and also the limits of their own spiritual world. Good girls never stop their pursuit of freedom; they break all grids and rules and announces the new era. The application of 女王 [nǚ wáng] indicates women’s power and absolute confidence, echoing with the global image.

The Chinese tagline 好坏 · 由我 translates the literal meaning of the English version, delivering a strong-minded girl image who is so sure about herself and her life and is always daring to present her true self without boundaries.


goooood girl