Global Verbal Identity Research for Vrbo

Vrbo are working towards a harmonized brand identity in global markets, giving consideration to meaning, recall, and pronunciation of brand name options. This required verbal identity testing in multiple markets with a multi-phase and hybrid research approach. Labbrand, renowned for its linguistic expertise, was chosen to take charge in this global verbal identity research.


Vrbo sought to update the pronunciation while retaining its current brand name and logo. The goal was to gauge not just preference but also the expectations of consumers, necessitating a thorough assessment.

Global Verbal Identity Research for VRBO


Labbrand employed a blended approach of quantitative and qualitative research to gain comprehensive insights. They conducted a Global Linguistic Check and a Quantitative Recall Survey on VRBO Pronunciation in the U.S. This approach allowed for a holistic understanding of consumer perception and expectations surrounding the brand's pronunciation.


The research revealed that the current pronunciation of VRBO was perceived as outdated, rigid, and staid. However, when considering the pronunciation "Verbo" in the context of VRBO, it evoked a sense of familiarity and informality. These insights provided valuable guidance for the brand in updating its pronunciation to align with a more modern and approachable image.