Fermob Chinese Brand Name Creation

Labbrand creates the Chinese brand name 法悦居 [fǎ yuè jū] for the French outdoor furniture manufacturer Fermob. 

Innovative and Colorful Design

Fermob is a French outdoor furniture manufacturer that creates innovative yet practical outdoor furniture, lighting and accessories. Fermob’s furniture collections are sold in more than 60 countries with 190 partners around the globe. Bringing modernity and functionality to its French garden style design, Fermob fills a home with the warmth of gathering and joy.

The Warmth of a Home

In order for Fermob to enter the Chinese market, the company needed a Chinese brand name to establish its presence among Chinese consumers. As a company who honors its French roots and aims to bring the warmth of gathering and joy to homes through modern yet functional design, Fermob wanted a name that could reflect its core values while maintaining its approachable and friendly image.

Honoring Roots and Values

Labbrand created the Chinese name 法悦居 [fǎ yuè jū] for Fermob. 法 [fǎ] pays tribute to the company’s French origins, 悦 [yuè] is a word that is associated with the emotions joy and fun, and finally 居 [jū] is a short term for home and living. Together, the name not only maintains a phonetic similarity to Fermob, but also communicates the essence of the Furniture brand - spreading the joy of life through French-influenced, modern and elegant furniture in your home.