CYPRESS GARDEN Chinese Brand Name and Brand Identity Creation

Labbrand created the Chinese name as well as visual identity system for China Senior Care, communicating a professional and high end image with consumers.


China Senior Care is a US-based start-up formed with the goal of significantly improving the level of senior care in China and responsibly and ethically satisfying a pressing social need.


With six years of market exploration and expansion, China Senior Care was developing an assisted living/skilled nursing facility in Hangzhou, China. In order to successfully develop its brand in China, China Senior Care sought to communicate with its target audiences effectively by expressing the core essence of the brand. We were appointed to help create a distinguishing brand identity, including a Chinese name as well as visual identity system and applications.


China Senior Care hoped to build a brand that was international, professional, high-end, yet locally relevant.

Based on this desired brand image, we conducted 3 rounds of creation, linguistic check-in mandarin and 5 major Chinese dialects as well as Smart Legal Check for trademark availability. The final name selected was 雍柏荟 [yōng bó huì]. 雍 [yōng] brings a strong sense of nobility, compatible with the high-end positioning. 柏 [bó], cypress, metaphorically stands for longevity in Chinese culture and possesses an auspicious connotation and a pleasant sound. 荟 [huì] is a metaphor of the luxuriant life.

With its identical pronunciation to 汇, gathering, it can serve as a space indicator of the facility. China Senior Care later developed the English name Cypress Garden inspired by the character 柏 in the Chinese name.

With an established verbal identity, we developed the visual identity system for Cypress Garden, including logo, color & typeface, application, photography style and brochure concept to further enhance its brand identity.