Chinese Tagline Creation

Labbrand developed the Chinese tagline for Continental for a promising future.


Founded in 1871 German, Continental AG is a world’s leading manufacturer, specializing in tires, brake systems and other parts for the automotive and transportation industries. Continental is the 4th largest tire manufacturer and one of the biggest OEMs of automotive parts in the world.


To reinforce its identity as an industry leader, Continental was looking to localize its tagline, The Future in Motion, for the China market. The original tagline is a highly consolidated expression that contains rich connotations of Continental’s brand culture and brand essence. The Chinese tagline was expected to capture the ideas of innovation, freedom and visionary, while demonstrating the brand personalities of pioneer, passionate and agile. With Continental’s brand awareness in a preliminary stage, a straightforward tagline is easier for communication.

Continental Future in Motion
Future in Motion 动领未来


After two rounds of creation and qualitative research, we developed the Chinese tagline 动领未来 [dòng lǐng wèi lái] for Continental. The new Chinese tagline is short yet powerful, perfectly interpreting the original tagline “The Future in Motion” in terms of both structure and meaning. 动 [dòng] (move, action) conveys a sense of action and is inclusive of the large variety of business categories presented or to be presented within the group. 领 [lǐng] implies strong leadership which echoes with Continental’s confidence and ambition of developing innovative technologies and solutions. The new Chinese tagline successfully communicates Continental’s vision of industry leader and a promising future.