Chinese Brand Name Creation

Labbrand created Chinese name for Brita GmbH, bringing the Chinese consumers quality water from Germany.


Founded in 1966, Brita GmbH is a German company specializing in water filtration products and one of the leading companies in portable household water filtration. With production facilities in Germany, Great Britain, and Switzerland, Brita distribute products in more than 60 countries.

Entering the Chinese market, Brita wasn’t a familiar name to the Chinese consumers. Plus, the original English name isn’t easy enough to pronounce for the Chinese-speaking public. Therefore, Brita was in need of a sophisticated, easy-to-pronounce Chinese name to help boost awareness.


We created Chinese name 碧然德 [bì rán dé] for Brita. The first two characters are phonetically close to the brand original name. Moreover, with 碧 [bì] indicating crystal water, 然 [rán] meaning correct and right, and 德 [dé] conveying the idea of moral virtue and communicating the meaning of elegant, safe and German-oriented, this choice is close to the brand concepts as well as easy to read and to remember, particularly when associated to the original brand name. The target market - middle aged women belonging to the upper class - was also considered in the strategic naming process. 

Furthermore, to ensure that this Chinese names well assists Brita’s development in the Chinese market, our team then tested the name among the main five Chinese dialects and commissioned the necessary legal research to register the trademark in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We also worked on the graphic design of Brita logo integrating it with the new Chinese name. 

With this Chinese brand name, Brita brings the Chinese consumers quality water from Germany.


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