Brand Renaming for TripAdvisor

Brand Renaming for TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel website, entered the Chinese market in 2009 under the local brand "" As Chinese travelers increasingly encountered the global TripAdvisor brand, there was a growing disconnection between "DaoDao" and the TripAdvisor brand. Labbrand undertook the project of brand renaming to explore alternatives and create a stronger brand connection.


The existing brand name "DaoDao" was causing confusion among Chinese users and missing out on the opportunity to fully leverage the global TripAdvisor brand. The challenge was to find a new brand name that would resonate with the Chinese audience, align with the TripAdvisor brand, and capture the attention of the young generation. 


Labbrand worked with Tripadvisor to develop a new brand name that would address the challenge at hand. The team came up with " māo tú yīng "[猫途鹰], which was a playful and catchy twist on the Chinese word for "owl" [猫头鹰, " māo tóu yīng "]. The new name retained the root of the owl, which is also the iconic logo of TripAdvisor, establishing a connection with the global brand. Additionally, the inclusion of "途" (meaning "trip") in the name further emphasized the travel aspect and created a strong linkage with TripAdvisor's core focus. 

Brand Renaming for TripAdvisor


The brand renaming to "MaoTuYing"[猫途鹰] proved to be successful in enhancing the brand connection for TripAdvisor in the Chinese market. The new name was highly appealing to the young generation and resonated well with Chinese users. It captured attention and brought a fresh perspective to the brand, aligning it more closely with the global TripAdvisor identity. The catchy and memorable nature of the name contributed to increased brand recognition and engagement among Chinese travelers.