Brand Optimization for FITURE

Brand Optimization for FITURE

FITURE, a rising leader in China's smart fitness industry, recognized the need to strengthen its brand awareness, establish brand synergy, and coordinate internal and external cognition to support its expansion and product iteration. Labbrand, with expertise in market research and brand strategy, took on the challenge to develop comprehensive brand solutions, including brand positioning, Chinese re-naming, brand architecture, consumer research, and communication guidance, to enhance FITURE's brand optimization and drive business growth.


FITURE faced the challenge of simultaneously developing various business units while lacking strong brand awareness and coordination. To ensure consistent growth and establish a strong brand foundation, the company needed a comprehensive brand strategy that would resonate with consumers, align with its business goals, and guide future brand-related decision-making.

Brand Optimization for FITURE


Labbrand undertook an in-depth market research and brand strategy process to develop a comprehensive brand optimization solution for FITURE. The solution included:

1. Brand Positioning & Workshop: Labbrand facilitated a co-creation process involving key stakeholders to establish a brand positioning platform. Through interviews and discussions, feedback was collected and diversified needs were understood, providing a guideline for brand positioning extension and application.

2. Brand Architecture: A systematic brand architecture framework was optimized, defining the level of endorsement for each sub-brand and guiding future brand-related decision-making as FITURE pursued new business opportunities.

3. Brand Messaging: Integrated and individualized brand messaging sections were developed to ensure consistent communication internally and externally across different business units and departments.

4. Chinese Re-naming: Labbrand's verbal solution team, leveraging industry auditing and collaboration with FITURE, shortlisted potential Chinese brand names that strengthened FITURE's brand image in the domestic market.

5. Brand Book & Training: Labbrand consolidated all branding essentials into a comprehensive brand handbook document, providing an overview and guidelines for the updated brand strategy and its application.


FITURE's new brand positioning, Chinese name, and optimized brand architecture allowed the company to better engage consumers and explore new business opportunities. Overall, the brand optimization project strengthened FITURE's position as a leader in the domestic smart fitness industry and laid a solid foundation for future growth.