Brand Optimization for Keep: Enhancing Clarity and Engagement

Labbrand provided a thorough assessment and solution for Keep, a prominent brand in China dedicated to enhancing global sports experiences. With the expertise in brand optimization, Labbrand empowered Keep to unlock its untapped potential and maximize its impact in the market.


To sustain its growth rate with stability, Keep decided to take a bold step and upgrade its whole brand system for better clarity and brand governance.  



To address the challenges, the first step involved upgrading the brand architecture and developing a decision tree module to provide future decision-making guidance. Collaborative workshops and training sessions were then conducted with stakeholders to establish a brand platform ecosystem and ensure alignment with the business. Communication guidelines were created to enhance messaging hierarchy and clarity across different touchpoints. Lastly, the design strategy was integrated to identify and resolve visual landscape issues, resulting in improved consistency and systematic application of brand assets. 

Through 4 months of close collaboration and co-working with key stakeholders at Keep, Labbrand’s brand experts delivered a comprehensive diagnosis and solution on Keep’s brand architecture, brand messaging and design strategies across various communication touchpoints. 



With the help from Labbrand, Keep has successfully reorganized and optimized its brand architecture under one vision, empowering new business lines with existing brand power while at the same time maximizing brand equity all in one direction.