Brand Positioning

Labbrand helped ADEN with its brand positioning, including brand strategy, verbal identity and visual design.

ADEN Services is a major innovator in the Facility Management (FM) industry, providing four key elements of FM solutions including People, Assets, Environment and Technology. Founded in 1997, with its root in Asia, ADEN has become a global company with 20 years of expertise in the FM Industry, with a growing team of 26,000 employees in 25 counties around the world.

Facing the fierce competition and the development within the industry, ADEN felt that it needed to further emphasize its unique competitiveness while empowering the change of customer perception of the overall FM industry. A clear brand positioning with a strong core belief was needed to support this vision.

After that, it required a powerful expression to better communicate the new positioning.


Brand Strategy

With the “WHY-WHO-WHAT-HOW” analysis framework, we audited 4 market players: ISS, Sodexo, JLL, CBRE. Focusing on IFM and branding, we saw the differences and similarities within these 4 market players, as well as an opportunity for ADEN.

As ADEN's traditional benefits (maintenance, catering, security and cleaning) were no longer competitive in the market, the brand wanted to emphasise its core offering:" management of all the non-core business to let our clients focus on their core business."

After identifying the opportunity for ADEN and clearly understanding the brand, we conducted an one-day co-creation workshop to utilize collective wisdom to develop a strategic brand positioning that connects the idea of “Harmony + FM Market Leader” for ADEN, which can go beyond time, distance and business development.


Verbal Identity

To communicate the brand personality appropriately, we identified a consistent way of speaking and writing, called “Tone of Voice”, to effectively communicate the brand’s distinctiveness.

Based on the brand personality: Confident, Smart, Agile, Inspiring, Professional, we developed the brand tonality and writing tips for ADEN.

Meanwhile, we created the English and Chinese taglines of ADEN which were simple, clear yet inspiring and emphasizing “technology” and “harmony”:



Visual Identity

Labbrand design team subsequently developed the visual identity for ADEN including brand signature, VI system and application designs, to support the new brand positioning.

Inspired by “harmony”, the visual identity design focused on “balance”, “control”, “harmony” and “connection”.