Momento Bilingual Brand Name and Brand Identity Creation

Labbrand created Romanic name Momento, Chinese name 舒享吧 [shū xiǎng bā] and a visual identity system for “Le Snack-Bar” of Hotel Ibis.


Accor Group is a French hotel group that operates in over 91 countries. By 2011, the group owned, operated and franchised 4,426 hotels ranging from economy to luxury on five continents.

Hotel Ibis is an international 2-star economic hotel chain by Accor. It has more than 900 hotels in over 50 countries around the world, 56 of which are located in China. “Le Snack-Bar” is located within Ibis hotels to attract consumption and highlight the new image of Ibis: contemporary, innovative, lively and friendly. Ibis was looking for a verbal as well as a visual identity for “Le Snack-Bar”.


A comprehensive evaluation of Ibis bar’s strategic goals led to the creation of a new name expressing the brand benefits and core attributes. We created Romanic name Momento and Chinese name 舒享吧 [shū xiǎng bā] for “Le Snack-Bar” of Hotel Ibis. 

Momento, “a moment in time” in Italian, is a simple, memorable, and engaging name that easily communicates to the consumer. It evokes the idea of pleasant moments shared with friends in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. 舒享吧 [shū xiǎng bā] – 舒 [shū] for comfort, 享 [xiǎng] for enjoyment or sharing, and 吧 [bā] for bar – also directly evokes the bar attributes. Even though the Chinese name is not phonetically close to the Romanic one, the combination of characters’ tonalities creates a nice sounding name. Meanwhile, from an aesthetic point of view, the combination of these three characters gives the name a well-balanced structure and provides several routes for design applications. 

In addition to the brand names, we created a visual identity system including logotype, signature, and corporate applications for the bar. 

Momento is a comprehensive branding project conducted by Labbrand. We helped Hotel Ibis form a wonderful atmosphere for refreshment, for guests to truly enjoy the momento.