INRYU Chinese Brand Name Creation

INRYU Chinese Brand Name Creation


INRYU is the new cutting-edge ingestible beauty brand launched by Shiseido Group in 2021, aiming to help urban women carry out the beauty of their skin. The brand seeks a memorable Chinese brand name that matches the brand essence and is simple for consumers to understand the brand concept of “Beauty flows”.


Labbrand creates the Chinese brand name: 流之律 [liú zhī lǜ]: Rhythm of flowing beauty. 流 [liú]: flow, reflects the brand concept “Beauty flows”. 律 [lǜ]: rhythm/melody creates a sense of elegance by comparing the brand to a music poem. 流之律 [liú zhī lǜ] also rhymes with the English name “INRYU” and shares a similar meaning. The two names together represent a consistent brand tonality.


This name vividly translates the pioneer positioning in producing premium beauty supplements by underlying the beauty essence. The birth of INRYU流之律 [liú zhī lǜ] shows Shiseido's penetration in the field of ingestible beauty as the "century-old pioneer of oriental beauty".


As the first Ingestible beauty brand developed under Shiseido Group in China, our task to create a Chinese name for INRYU was crucial. Labbrand team worked with us to understand our concept and creative direction. They provided various name options with trademark risk assessment. I’m happy that “流之律[liú zhī lǜ]” stands out in the category and truly expresses our brand philosophy.

Carol Zhou
Senior Vice President, China Business Innovation & Investments