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Brand Name Creation for Danone's Adult Nutrition Brand Dare to Stride

Danone has launched its new adult nutrition brand Dare to Stride, targeting Chinese consumers facing the challenges of aging and stress. The brand aims to provide all-day nutritional support and help consumers maintain a strong physical foundation. Labbrand collaborated with the Danone team to create the brand's Chinese name, "敢[gǎn] 迈[mài]," which vividly depicts a state of good health, vitality, and mobility. It represents the fearless attitude of individuals who embrace aging and dare to pursue a carefree lifestyle.
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Danone sought to establish a compelling brand identity for its new adult nutrition brand, Dare to Stride, in the Chinese market. The challenge was to create a Chinese name that effectively conveyed the brand's core concept and resonated with the target consumers, who desired solutions for maintaining their health and energy levels.

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We had a great time collaborating with Labbrand team. They provided vital support in the development and creative research of 敢迈™ based on consumer insights.

Annie Gu
Associate Director, Danone Early Life Nutrition, Growth Strategy and Innovation

The creation of 敢迈™ is a result of the Danone team's extensive expertise and experience, as well as their sincere concern for 40+ age group in China. Labbrand is honored to be part of the brand development, and we have contributed our full support in the brand product concept creation and brand verbal strategy to create the brand name 敢迈™, which embodies the brand proposition of staying young and energetic to embrace the challenges in your wonderful life.

Amanda Liu
Labbrand Vice President, Creative Director of Brand Verbal Strategy


Labbrand worked closely with the Danone team to develop the Chinese name for Dare to Stride. After careful consideration of the brand's values and target audience, Labbrand created the name "敢[gǎn] 迈[mài]." This name vividly portrays a state of good health, vitality, and mobility, capturing the fearless and optimistic attitude of individuals who embrace aging and dare to pursue a carefree lifestyle.


The brand name "敢[gǎn] 迈[mài]" successfully conveys the optimistic self-declaration of individuals who fearlessly embrace aging and strive for a carefree lifestyle. It resonates with the target consumers and effectively communicates the brand's message of vitality and mobility. The collaboration between Labbrand and the Danone team in brand name creation has helped establish a strong brand identity for Dare to Stride in the Chinese nutrition market.


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