Brand Name Creation for CYPHANT GROUP

Yidian (一点资讯), facing the slowdown of the information technology industry, decided to expand its business territory and transition into a comprehensive product portfolio. To reflect this new direction, the company needed a new group brand name and vision. Labbrand worked closely with the Yidianzixun team to understand their business plan and created the new group name "CYPHANT" with the vision of "Science and Technology for Freedom."


Yidian (一点资讯)  needed to reposition itself as a comprehensive product group from a single product line strategy. The challenge was to develop a new group brand name and vision that aligned with their expanded business scope and communicated their future prospects effectively.


Through close and in-depth communication with Yidianzixun team, Labbrand team gained full understanding of the group's visionary business plan which changes from single product line strategy to comprehensive product portfolio including social, gaming, video, and other fields. Focusing on the group vision of "Science and Technology for Freedom", Labbrand created the new group name "CYPHANT”. “CYPHANT” indicates Cyber which emphasizes information and digitization. In the Chinese name, Cyber is represented by "赛博[sài bó]" which stands for vigorous & resilient energy and extensive & profound insight.

The name also contains the imagery of “Elephant大象[dà xiàng]” – a smart and reliable social animal, a great metaphor of the group: great synergy achieved by uniting all business and meanwhile keeping a high level of agility. 象[xiàng] has another meaning "万象[wànxiàng]": all inclusive, which symbolizes digital technology interacting with human being in all aspects. The multi-layer meaning of 象[xiàng] can be flexibly applied in communicating the brand messages to better engage different audience, especially the young generation.


In November 2021, Yidianzixun officially unveiled the new group name, CYPHANT, created by Labbrand. The name marked a new chapter for the group, showcasing its nurturing of new products and technologies and embodying its vision for the future. The name's multi-layered meanings allowed for flexible communication of brand messages, particularly targeting the younger generation and engaging diverse audiences. The new group brand name set the stage for CYPHANT's growth and success in the evolving technology landscape.

The name ‘CYPHANT’ adopts the opinions of young employees. The two components of the name ‘Cyber’ and ‘elephant’ sound a bit inharmonious at first. But it is this inharmony that leaves a deep impression. Cyber represents hardcore information technology, while elephants are intelligent land trailblazers and gregarious animals. It takes 22 months for elephants in breeding. Similarly, the development period for an internet product is also long and full of challenges. But it can grow into a great brand at the end.

Yuxiang YANG
Executive President of CYPHANT Group, CEO of Yidianzixun