Biologique Recherche

The French bespoke skin care and treatment brand BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE officially entered the Chinese market with the name “宝黎研萃”[bǎo lí yán cuì]

Biologique Recherche

Nearly 40 years ago, when the laboratory BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE was created, Yvan and Josette Allouche, a biologist and a physiotherapist, combined their expertise and passion to chart their unique and visionary course on the cosmetic care market.

The word "Biologique" was used in the brand name which means "life science," it implies that more than 80% of the product ingredients are natural extracts.

The combination of a clinical approach to personalized cosmetic treatment, pure, concentrated, almost raw products, complex formulas and original and rigorous treatments is the foundation of the reputation for the efficacy of BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE's Methodology, which has allowed it to travel to more than 80 countries on five continents.

Biologique Recherche

With the help of the Labbrand team in early 2021, combined with BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE's own characteristics and brand image, the Chinese brand name 宝黎研萃 [bǎo lí yán cuì] (Treasure of Paris, Research of essence) has been successfully created.

This move represents its further brand development plan in the Chinese market. With the cooperation with more than 30 five-star hotels and high-end skincare centers in China, 宝黎研萃 [bǎo lí yán cuì] is committed to bringing unprecedented French luxury and bespoke skincare experience to Chinese consumers.

Skin Care Experience

This Chinese name not only shows professionalism of BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE in terms of scientific research, but also expresses its commitment: By combining the precious ingredients with best quality; the highest standard of production and luxury blood from Paris; the medical-based strengths in development & research and the leading-edge techniques of extracts. BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE demonstrates its professional brand image and dedication in high-end skin care industry. Moreover, this Chinese name echoes the pronunciation of the original French one.

Skin Care Experience

Having a good name is the first step to develop in the Chinese market. We rely on professional naming experience and consumer insight to create the Chinese name "宝黎研萃[bǎo lí yán cuì] for BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE, which reflects the truth that the brand originated in France, proficient in research and development, as well as the Luxurious brand image. This elegant name will accompany BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE to flourish in the Chinese market.

Amanda Liu
Labbrand Vice President, Creative Director of Brand Verbal Strategy

Labbrand has a good understanding of BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE's brand positioning and our distinctive approach to skin care. It has been a pleasure working with them to develop a new Chinese name with the help of their professional knowledge of the Chinese market and consumers.

Jessie Zhang
Managing Director China, BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE