2020 Consumer Shift

2020 Consumer Shift

Dear Readers,

At the dawn of 2020, we could sense that things were rapidly changing around us – redefining the concept of mobility, factors leading to social status, workplace productivity, material ownership, etc.

This change in B2B, B2C and institutional customer behavior inspired our insights and strategy experts at Labbrand Group to create 2020 Consumer Shift, a carefully curated report that came to live through the analysis of insights gathered through our 5 global offices.

The report explores 6 key consumer shifts across the globe that matter in forming a comprehensive branding approach, and that is activated through all functional departments in the organization.

  • Homes Become Hubs
  • Eco Warriors
  • Virtually Everything
  • Precise Practicality
  • Getting Crafty, Discover The True You
  • Shrinking Boundaries, Proudly Local

As a key stakeholder and leader in your corporation, you are an important voice. Therefore, we like to extend you the invitation to become a contributor to the full report, in which we present specific insights on the manifestations of the trend specifically for company leaders in key industries and what it means for the way forward.

The full report will be published in September 2020 across our global channels, and we look forward to including you alongside other inspiring leaders/peers from Fortune 500 companies that we are in contact with.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and insights on the topic and your willingness to contribute and be featured in Labbrand’s 2020 Consumer Shift report. Feel free to reach out for any questions and good luck sharing.

Click below to download the report. May it bring you inspiration!

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