The Future of Research

It is our great pleasure to announce the release of our September LABReport, our quarterly publication dedicated to branding in China and beyond. In each issue we bring together thought leaders from around the company to share perspectives on a topic brand builders cannot afford to ignore. Our analysis combines five lenses in line with our specialties: research, strategy, naming, design, and digital.

For decades, market research has been an indispensable tool for marketers around the world. From focus group, accompany shopping, ethnography, semiotics, to the recent use of neural science and AR technologies, research methodologies have been constantly evolving. With the rapid advancement of science and technology within the recent years, it is especially crucial for researchers to reflect and challenge themselves in order to find newer and more efficient approaches to stay ahead in today’s ever-changing consumer market.

From the rethinking of research methodologies, to forecasting into a new age for research, this LABReport reflects and explores the realities and potentials of market research.

What does it mean to be a researcher of today and the future? Read on to find out.

- The LABReport Team

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