MADReport: Different Paths for Digital Brand Transformation

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It is with great pleasure that I and the rest of the MADJOR team bring you the first MADReport of the year 2017. Published quarterly, MADReports bring you the best of MADJOR’s thinking on the issues that matter most to digital decision makers.

In this issue we explore how brands can identify their ideal digital archetype and embark on the path to digital brand transformation. The 4 different topics written by our digital strategists span from user experience design to digital strategy planning and beyond, drawn from dozens of conversations with our clients that reflect their latest challenges in conceptualizing and delivering digital brand transformation. In each article, we seek to blend a though-provoking theoretical analysis of the issue at hand with practical pointers for brands to apply these insights within their organization.

  • Being Definite about Your Digital Transformation – the success of digital transformation efforts depend in large part on how brands view and prepare for the future. How can they adjust these variables to maximize the odds of success?
  • Choosing Your Path: 7 Archetypes for Digital Brand Transformation – “digital transformation” is an imperative for every brand, but this doesn’t mean that all brands should adopt the same approach. Brands need to select the transformation archetype most suited to their situation and objectives.
  • Bricks to Pixels: A Framework for Digitizing Retail Experiences – “O2O” is the hot buzzword of the day but how does this translate in a retail environment? What dimensions exist for the brand to connect with the consumer? Brands must break down the retail digitization equation to prioritize efforts.
  • Digital Lessons from China: Gamification as a UX Game Changer – gamification transforms mundane tasks into an action consumers can’t wait to perform again. Brands from all over the world can draw inspirations from Chinese companies in using gamification mechanisms to drive adoption of new digital brand experiences.

We hope that this MADReport will inspire you and give you the tools to think more clearly about your brand’s digital future.

Enjoy the read!

Kevin Gentle and the MADJOR team

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