Avoiding Digital Dissonance in an AlphaGo World

A few weeks ago, Google’s AlphaGo AI engine beat Lee Se-Dol, the world’s top Go player in a series of 5 games. On the surface, this event seems misleadingly simple. After all, computers have been beating humans at games for years, chess being the most obvious example. AlphaGo seems to fit into a linear progression pattern that conforms nicely to our existing frameworks.

The surface, however, is deceptive. A simple fact puts Go’s mind-numbing complexity into perspective: there are much more possible Go combinations than atoms in the observable universe. Go is exponentially more complicated than chess and AlphaGo fits into an exponential progression pattern, the same pattern that brands face when thinking about their digital futures.

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  • Kevin Gentle

    Director and Lead Strategist, MADJOR