China Mobile Changes the Logo for 3G Business

China Mobile starts to use the brand new logo of its “3G” business. The new slogan “G3, leading the new life of 3G times” is also substituted for the previous one “TD’s development, I support” 

The new logo removes the term “TD-SCDMA” to reduce the technical talking that so often sound obscure and unfriendly to consumers. It tries instead to use a direct way to represent verbally and visually the top-notch but complicated technology.

According to China Mobile, the new design of the “G3” stems from “Tai Chi”, an old but profound Chinese word for “supreme ultimate force”. The letter G is designed with the brush technique used in traditional Chinese ink painting. The red number 3 at the top-left side is depicted in the Chinese seal form, resembling the “red sun rising eastside” that should indicate the promising future of the 3G business. Thus, China Mobile has decided to promote its latest services blending tradition and innovation to mold its new service brand identity. 


The launch of new logo indicates China Mobile’s determination to strive for outstanding performance in the 3G business in China, which is also of great significance to strengthen its brand equity as a whole. Naturally competition will be fierce after Beijing finally approved the issuance of 3G licenses for new mobile networks. Chinese telecom firms are eyeing the prospect of fresh revenue streaming from new 3G services. The question now is: how to get the preference and encourage consumers to buy own brand 3G services?