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Labbrand created the new product variant packaging and wordmark design for SPRITE Juice with its first flavor variant ICY Coconut.


SPRITE China was launching a new brand - SPRITE Juice with its first flavor variant ICY Coconut - and aimed to reconnect with consumers by revamping the look and feel of the SPRITE brand through its new product variant packaging and wordmark design. Labbrand was engaged in the ideation and creation of packaging concepts for SPRITE Juice with ICY Coconut flavor.

The packaging design for SPRITE Juice needs to be independent from the SPRITE core packaging, to ensure clear differentiation as a new brand under an existing brand portfolio while still keeping its brand integrity.

SPRITE Juice ICY Coconut wordmark design

Creativity & Innovation

In the assessment of SPRITE's current portfolio and context— ICY Coconut effectively is a flavor extension of the core SPRITE brand. The expression adopts a visual architecture closer to this core, as an established principle and way forward to systemize future flavor variants under this portfolio strategy. 

We fully took use of the elements of “Summer/Beach/Freshness” to be applied into the packaging, which ties into the brand personality and edge allowing for distinctiveness and intrigue. This new product packaging design of ICY Coconut caters to consumers’ preference for a sea-side appeal and naturalness.

SPRITE Juice first flavor variant ICY Coconut

In review of SPRITE product portfolio for China, SPRITE Juice ICY Coconut represents a new classification and vertical offering of real juice inspired formulas. It helps rejuvenate and breathe new life into the brand, and as an important consumer touchpoint, build product awareness and induce trial. 

This project is also awarded by Transform Awards APAC 2019 in the category of "Best Development of a New Brand within an Existing Brand Portfolio".

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