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SkyTeam is a well-known airline alliance company providing comprehensive access to an extensive global network. With 19 airlines, nearly 15000 daily flights in 187 countries, SkyTeam aims to create a more convenient and comfortable experience for passengers.  SkyPriority is a service brand under SkyTeam which targets high-value customers. SkyPriority offers a high level of comfort and service to guarantee a smoother and simpler journey in the sky.

As more Chinese airlines enter the transportation industry and more Chinese passengers become curious about their options, SkyTeam must reach out to these consumers to create an on-going relationship. SkyTeam came to Labbrand for a suitable Chinese tagline based on its original English one. Additionally, we also created the Chinese brand name for SkyPriority, a VIP program which evokes consumers' feeling of being respected, rewarded and differentiated from other passengers. 

The final tagline chosen for SkyTeam was: “温馨呵护, 贴心旅程” [wēn xīn hē hù, tiē xīn lǚ chéng]. This Chinese tagline means, “Warm Care, Intimate Journey,” directly corresponding with SkyTeam’s English tagline: “Caring more about you.” The tonality of this tagline is soft and customer-oriented, matching SkyTeam’s brand identity as a caring, kind, attentive, and elegant airline. The symmetrical structure is very common in the Chinese language, making the tagline easier to read and remember.
For SkyPriority, the final Chinese name chosen was “天合优享” [tiān hé yōu xiǎng]. Mirroring the close relationship between the names SkyPriority and SkyTeam, “天合优享” shares its first half from “天合联盟.” 优 [yōu] can be translated into 优秀 (excellent), or 优先 (have priority); 享 means 享受 (enjoy). 优享 can be understood as “have the priority to enjoy the journey or SkyTeam’s service” which corresponds accurately to the English name, perfectly reflecting the brand values: luxury in the sky.

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