Science is bound to win

Created in 1981, Logitech is the worldwide leader in computer peripherals. The G Series is Logitech’s sub-brand for the gaming sector. Logitech has crafted the G Series to deliver the most realistic gaming experience for its consumers. Focusing on innovation and quality, Logitech designs its personal computer peripherals to deliver the best user experience in the digital world.

In order to differentiate itself from other competitors in the Chinese market, Logitech G Series needs to elevate its brand image amongst Chinese gamers. Before, Logitech was considered a non-gaming brand despite having superior quality peripherals fit for gaming. Logitech G Series asked Labbrand to develop a comprehensive brand and digital strategy for its brand in China.  

The first step to introduce Logitech G to the Chinese market is creating a relevant Chinese tagline which expresses the key brand attribute and directly communicates to true gamers in China. We created the tagline 绝胜科技 [jué shèng kē jì]. 绝 [jué] means absolutely/gloriously, while 胜 [shèng] means win/wins. The combination, 绝胜, implies Logitech’s confidence and determination to beat out its competition. 科技 [kē jì] means technology, indicating Logitech G’s scientific expertise. After the tagline is completed, detailed brand and digital strategy were designed to successfully launch Logitech G in China to showcase Logitech G’s strong science background and the outstanding performances of its gaming peripherals.
Within two months of the launch, Logitech G received great success in sales and online fan engagement on key social platforms such as Sina Weibo and Weixin. After all, science is bound to win.  

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