Everwines: Retail wine gets a fresh design



Founded in 1870, Torres is a Spanish wine company whose products are distributed in over 140 countries. With more than 1300 hectares of vineyard, Torres produces the world’s greatest wines. Torres also actively engages in charities and good causes. The company’s wines and efforts have won many awards over the years.

Torres China wanted to expand their B2C wine business and create a wine retail chain brand that offered online shopping, a wine club and direct sales services. Torres came to Labbrand for brand positioning, verbal identity and a visual identity system for the new brand. 

Based on the performance of Torres China and the Chinese retail wine market, we used explorative and elicitation techniques to identify latent brand advantages and develop options for positioning.
For the verbal identity, we created the English name Everwines and the semantically corresponding Chinese name 咏萄 [yǒng táo] to assist the positioning. 咏 [yǒng] means to sing or praise; it also is pronounced the same as “永” [yǒng], forever. 萄 [táo] means grape, the source of wine. Refined through linguistic checks and focus groups, the verbal system not only reflects the attribute of the wine brand, but also conveys sophisticated, enlightened and accessible brand values.
The VI system included the design of logotype, brand color system, stationary, promotional items and in-store applications. The design features a refreshing green color instead of the usual deep red for wine brands. The grape-like bubbles showcase freedom and variety.
Everwines is a comprehensive branding project conducted by Labbrand. The brand identity conveys a young, appealing, and cosmopolitan image, making Torres wine trendy and accessible for Chinese consumers.

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