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Groupe Adeo is the leading French retailer for do-it-yourself (DIY) products. The group is 1st in Europe and 3th in the world. Groupe Adeo owns 27 companies with 70, 000 employees in 13 countries over the world. It is the parent company of Leroy Merlin, Bricoman, Weldom and more.

With the rapid continual integration of offline and online retail, Groupe Adeo planned to create a cross-channel strategy and form a community that would develop into a business in China. The relationship between the community and the cross-channel brand needed clarification to facilitate verbal and visual communications in China. We helped Groupe Adeo consider its company architecture to maximize both the value and effect of its brand strategy. Furthermore, we helped develop verbal and visual systems to assist on-going brand communication.

Together, we first clarified what the “online community” would consist of in order to choose the most suitable brand architecture framework for Groupe Adeo. By analyzing the company’s vision, positioning, and target audiences, we used a hybrid brand architecture that would maximize the value of each brand according to Groupe Adeo’s vision.
We created two new brands for Groupe Adeo, designed specifically for the Chinese market. One new brand is a concept store which integrates offline retail with e-commerce called “Homes-up” (Chinese name 捷尚居 [jié shàng jū]). Keeping with the DIY spirit of the brand, “Homes-up” is vivid, dynamic and trendy. We also created an online community for Groupe Adeo called Click Jia (Chinese name品论家 [pǐn lùn jiā]). This online community provides a forum for knowledge-sharing and discussing the core concept of “home.” Based on the brand attributes of these two new brands, further brand identities were designed and developed.
This unique combination of an online community and retail inspires every home-loving person to decorate their home. 

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