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We reinvented the brand identity of Alitrip and developed the lovable mascot “Fliggy” as well as a comprehensive visual identity system.


Fliggy (previously known as Alitrip) is the OTA brand of Alibaba with focus on the millennials raised in the digital age. By providing diverse, convenient and quality travel related services, Fliggy strives to become the go-to choice for the younger generation when they plan their travels, especially for overseas trips.

Labbrand stood out in the pitch and was solicited to design the new brand identity for Fliggy. How do we create an impressive and unique brand image that can differentiate in the highly competitive OTA market in China? This was the main question that we asked ourselves.


“Travelling is just like being a pig- we eat, sleep and have fun.” – This is the interpretation of “travel” by the Alibaba team. Based on this concept, our designers worked closely with Alibaba to create a distinct and lively image of “Fliggy” – the Flying Piggy.

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Fliggy Logo Design - Chinese and English

Without going the conventional route by giving the piggy wings, we designed the unique element of “flying hairs” to paint a stylistic and dynamic picture of Fliggy flying against the wind. The hairs also create a shape of a lightning, symbolizing the speed and efficiency of Fliggy. 


We identified yellow as the main color for Alibaba’s Fliggy. The Fliggy icon is outlined with a golden band, echoing the color of the lightening. At the same time, it evokes of an inspiring imagery that the travelers are always being embraced by the warm sunshine.

The pink nose of Fliggy represents the flushed cheeks of the travelers. The white base is the result of the sunlight’s seven colors combined, pure and simple, just like every traveler’s passion towards the world.

Fliggy key visual


The “flying” pig is the ambassador of freedom and happiness. As a whole, the logo design of Fliggy is comic-inspired yet simplistic. The badge-like icon evokes the aesthetics of Pop Art, appealing to the younger generation who seeks to be edgy and fun. The warm palette symbolizes their passion in life.

The white space in Fliggy’s face also acts as a blank canvas: by incorporating relevant design elements, the Fliggy icon can be flexibly adapted to support different marketing and co-branding campaigns.

Fliggy key visuals

Besides the brand logo and visual identity system, Labbrand also helped Fliggy to develop extensive visual applications, including brand book, brand key visuals, co-branding posters, icon and APP application, mascot, T-shirts and more.

On October 27th, 2016, Alibaba officially announced the evolution from Alitrip to Fliggy at Rovaniemi, Finland. The dynamic visual identity and the lovely mascot quickly gained popularity among its young audience.

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