27 APR. 2017

MADJOR Hosts Event to Help Brands Elevate Customer Experience with Emotional Chatbots

SHANGHAI, 27 APRIL 2017 – MADJOR, Labbrand’s Digital Transformation Agency, partnered with Emotibot, an artificial intelligence technology company, to host a MADSquare breakfast seminar themed “Making Science Fiction a Reality: Boost Your Customer Experience with Chatbots that Can Feel” on April 21st, 2017 in Shanghai. Two speakers – Kevin Gentle from MADJOR and Luyao Li from Emotibot – introduced a fascinating world of the AI to the audience and uncovered how chatbots can be integrated into customer experience.

There’s a lot of buzz around AI, but how do brands make sense of the long term implications and the immediate opportunities that come from AI? Kevin Gentle, Director and Lead Strategist at MADJOR, pointed out that chatbots could be the most sensible way for brands to start on their AI journey. He gave instrumental examples of scenarios in which emotional chatbots deliver better service to customers, personalize brand interactions and create more engaging marketing campaigns. Luyao Li, Director of Key Clients & Platform at Emotibot, demonstrated the technology of emotional chatbots with case studies.

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MADJOR and Emotibot demonstrated a hotel booking and after-stay follow-up journey using MADBOT, a chatbot integrated with WeChat.

“It’s often that discussions on artificial intelligence are either overly abstract or too deeply focused on technology. We’re very happy that we could bring our clients and partners a new perspective that combines a long-term vision with some pragmatic advice to get started in the world of branded AI.” Said Kevin Gentle, Director and Lead Strategist at MADJOR.

Download the presentation PDF:
Making Science Fiction a Reality: Boost Your Customer Experience with Chatbots that Can Feel

View the Slideshare via MADJOR, Labbrand's digital transformation agency.


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About Emotibot

Emotibot Technologies Limited is founded by Kenny Chien, the former Partner Engineering Director of Microsoft Asia, dedicated to creating the first artificial intelligent partner in China. Emotibot is headquartered in Shanghai and has a research center in Boston. Emotibot’s diverse talents cover a wide range of research disciplines such as Deep Learning, Machine Learning, NLP, Data Mining, Image Processing, Voice Emotion Recognize.

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