09 MAY. 2017

Labbrand Singapore Hosts Event on Digital Lessons from China

Singapore, 9 May 2017 – Labbrand Singapore hosted a LABSquare event on Thursday, May 4 at Capital Tower, Singapore. The seminar, themed “Digital Amplified: 3 Digital Lessons from China,” was presented by Melyssa Koh, Brand Strategy Director of Labbrand Singapore, who broke down China’s digital success cases into three key lessons and uncovered how these can be applied to the Asia market. Professionals specializing in branding, marketing and digital from international companies across industries attended the event, including IBM, Chinalife, Four Seasons, Japanese Airline and more.

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China is surprising the world by its advancement of digital development in e-commerce, m-commerce, digital marketing and engagement. Melyssa claimed that while technology advancement helped in propelling of the industry, the huge success of China’s digital development came by because of the perfect combination of business and culture. She identified four main cultures that accelerated the digital success in China: mobile first, e-shopping fanatics, social fanatics and content creators, with the cases of Alipay, Didi, WeChat and more. Melyssa also pointed out that even though netizens in Asia were not identical to those in China, there were takeaways which could be applied across the whole Asia market:

  • Building seamless experience with mobile-first design
  • Engaging & sustaining interests though gamification
  • Fitting into snippets of time with shorter & more interactive media

“China is one market that is at the forefront of technology and digital development, both in terms of infrastructure and applications. There are much to be learnt and be inspired from these success cases and re-apply the thinking behind into the Asia markets.” Said Melyssa Koh, Brand Strategy Director of Labbrand Singapore.

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