18 OCT. 2018

Labbrand Presents at Maison & Objet Paris 2018 on Brand Strategy in an International Context

PARIS, 7th SEPTEMBER – Labbrand Paris was invited to talk about building a culturally relevant brand strategy in an international context at the retail conference of Maison & Objet 2018, held on 7th – 10th September in Paris. Maison & Objet is the leading event for professionals working in the lifestyle industry (decoration, furniture, textiles, fragrances, tableware, etc.) around the world.

With the theme “Building Your International Brand Strategy”, Nadège Depeux, Brand Strategy and Semiotics Director at Labbrand Paris, opened the conference with an analogy:

“Building a strategy is like planning a trip, an encounter that requires understanding itself through all the elements of the brand. And just like a trip, we must know about where to go as well as the cultural context and consumers. Only with these two fundamentals that we can approach the different globalisation and localisation strategies.”

She emphasized on the importance of defining a brand in its local market (with the Labbrand 4-facets brand model: read our articles on Going Deeper than the Buzz) and considering diversity in terms of culture with regard to different target markets (read our LABREPORT articles on The Art of Glocalization). She then presented 4 possibilities of approaching “global-localization”: global approach, local adaptation, local re-positioning and creation of a new brand to the local market. 

“…Be aware that, however successful your brand is in its original market, it’s probably unknown and without any image to the target local public. You’ll need to start from zero, so take your time to build your strategy. … And just as an enriching journey, the international strategy for your brand can also be inspiring for your market of origin.” She expressed.

Retail Conference at Maison & Objet Paris 2018

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