13 MAR. 2015

Labbrand Expands and Launches New Office in Paris

SHANGHAI, 10 MARCH 2015 – Labbrand, a leading China-originated brand consultancy, announced its expansion into Europe and the launch of its Paris office. The company was first established in Shanghai in 2005. Since then, Labbrand has grown into an innovative and award-winning global brand consultancy that works collaboratively with consumers & corporations to build and strengthen brands through culturally relevant actions.

From China to Power Brand Innovations
Labbrand was founded in Shanghai’s M50 Creative Industries Park, a location known for its inspirational art ambience. The company first started as a brand naming and market research company. With a strong and successful track record in China, Labbrand is now a full-service brand consultancy with in-house research, strategy, and creative capabilities. Labbrand is expanding into the global market to further assist clients to build stronger brands.

“It is very significant that Labbrand was created in China and it is now developing in Europe. There is a very high demand from multinational companies in Europe and US for truly international agencies that are able to help them develop their brand globally. Today innovations happening in China are inspiring the whole world. There is a strong need for a new breed of agencies able to work as one globally and embrace clients’ issues with no frontier to limit their strategic thinking and creativity. With our new office in Paris, we make it possible for French and international companies in Europe to work on their global innovations, such as emerging market opportunities, at the core of the process,” said Vladimir Djurovic, Founder and CEO of Labbrand.

Centered on the company’s belief in demystifying branding, Labbrand works with clients such as LinkedIn, Four Seasons, Logitech, Volkswagen, and L’Oreal to power brand innovations. The company will continue to provide highly strategic yet actionable solutions to clients, helping brands to strengthen internationally and enter into new markets.

About Labbrand
Labbrand is a leading China-originated global brand consultancy, working collaboratively with consumers & corporations to build and strengthen brands through culturally relevant actions. To achieve success and brand innovations, Labbrand seamlessly coordinates research, strategic decisions, and creative implementation.

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