21 MAY. 2018

Labbrand CEO Vladimir Djurovic Interviewed by Original Magazine on His Career in China

SHANGHAI, 21 MAY, 2018 – Serbian magazine Original recently interviewed Vladimir Djurovic, CEO of Labbrand, regarding his aspirational career in China.

Launched by Novak Djokovic Foundation in September 2015, Original Magazine is one-of-a-kind monthly glossy magazine for young people in Serbia. Partnered with Nedeljinik, the leading Serbian weekly newsmagazine, Original Magazine promotes character traits of who fights his/ her better future and fosters patriotic feelings towards the country. It is designed to provide useful guidelines for students to improve their academic performance and ways to tackle their future business challenges.

Born in France with Serbian root, Vladimir Djurovic founded the global brand consultancy Labbrand in China in 2005. The consultancy is assisting around 100 leading clients in understanding consumer and cultural insights in China and globally, positioning their brands, and developing their verbal and visual identities, and its sister company MADJOR is focused on Digital Brand Experience Design.

When talking about the challenges of positioning foreign brands in Chinese market, Vladimir remarked, “China is a huge market and it is developing really quickly and even today when you look at the structure of income of the middle class, it's far from European and American standards. China has become famous as a fertile market for luxury brands, but yet there is so much place for more development to achieve in the years to come. That gives the responsibility to foreign brands to meticulously articulate their brand and their messages to this specific market, and to reinvent themselves sort of speak, because success requires that adaptation to the Chinese culture and competitive environment. And that's what I do for my clients and the purpose of Labbrand. ” Vladimir also explained what drove him the most during his career, “Brand is a very essential tool used by everyone. So besides curiosity, that desire to discover something in human psychology and address it better is driving me the most. Hopefully, the improvement in understanding branding will bring more responsibility to brands to have a positive effect on the world. Also it is a lot of fun because we get to know a lot of different people from different industries.”

Read the full article in Serbian online.

About Labbrand

Labbrand is the leading China-originated global brand consultancy with regional operations in APAC (Shanghai, Singapore), Europe (Paris), and North America (New York, Vancouver). We drive forward the positive power of branding. Leading brands on impactful journeys, we create meaningful brand experiences by bringing together excellence in research, strategy, design and verbal identity.

About Novak Djokovic Foundation

Novak Djokovic Foundation was founded by Novak Djokovic, the Serbian professional tennis player. The organization’s mission is to help children from disadvantaged communities to grow up and develop in stimulating and safe environment, by giving every child the opportunity to receive a quality preschool education. By the time of April 2018, Novak Djokovic Foundation has built 18 schools, trained 636 teachers and helped 325 families and over 10000 children.

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