15 SEP. 2015

CNN Money interviews Labbrand’s CEO, Vladimir Djurovic

Leading news and information website CNN Money, interviewed Vladimir Djurovic, CEO of Labbrand, and quoted him in an article published on September 7th 2015. The interview concerned the importance of Chinese naming for western companies and the complexity of the process.

Launched in 2001, CNN Money is a leading news and information website and a subsidiary of With 10 million unique visitors monthly, CNN Money has strived to provide a synergy with the CNN Channel, granting one of the top news channels in the world a web presence with the same standards of quality and integrity CNN has brought to the news world. The website is now at the forefront of the world of financial news.

In the article entitled “What’s in a brand name? In China, everything” CNN Money underlined the importance for brands to have a Chinese name if they plan to take on the Chinese market seriously. The article explained the relevance for brands to have a name reflecting the company’s image and that speaks to Chinese consumers. It also points out that this relevance may be lost on foreigners, yet it is vital for brands to convey the “right impression” to their consumers in China.

Vladimir Djurovic points out in the interview that the name must be in accordance with the sector of activity and with the size of the company. He gives the example of an international powerhouse like HSBC that might be confused with a local bank if the name is not carefully crafted and chosen.

Furthermore, he draws attention to the complexity of the naming process, and the great number of factors it must take into account.


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