30 JUN. 2020

Chopard Launched the Chinese Name for Its Alpine Eagle Collection 雪山傲翼 [xuě shān ào yì] Created by Labbrand

Chopard, known as the Artisan of Emotions since 1860, is a family-run watchmaking and jewelry company. Nurtured by boundless creativity, Chopard belongs to the Grand Luxury Maisons offering a complete collection of watches and jewelry crafted with emotions. 


Chopard (source: Chopard)

Launched in October 2019, The Alpine Eagle Collection under Chopard is a state-of-the-art reinterpretation of the St. Moritz, the first sports watch in the brand history. With the passion towards nature and the spirit of innovation, this collection presents a design that is both refined and contemporary, featuring a wealth of references to the Alpine eagle and its biotope.


The Alpine Eagle Collection (source: Chopard)

Labbrand, is commissioned by Chopard on the Chinese name creation for the Alpine Eagle timepiece collection, to better facilitate the local communications in the Chinese market.

This final name 雪山傲翼 [xuě shān ào yì] is a creative elaboration of “Alpine Eagle”, concise and elegant. 雪山 [xuě shān] (snow/mountain) well captures the majestic snow mountain top which is in line with the Chinese perception of the Alps. As a symbol that has strong associations with “eagle” in the Chinese culture, 傲翼 [ào yì] (proud/wings) interprets the definition of “eagle” in a more imaginative and charismatic way compared to the literal translation 鹰 [yīng] (eagle).

Perfectly balancing sophistication and simplicity, the Chinese name 雪山傲翼 [xuě shān ào yì] paints a vivid imagery of an eagle flying proudly above the snowy mountain range and celebrates the strength and true spirit of the Alpine Eagle Collection—contemporary, refined and assertive


The Alpine Eagle Collection (source: Chopard)

“We’re amazed by the profound history of Chopard, its vision of innovation and passion towards watchmaking. The Alpine Eagle Watch Collection is inspired by majestic eagle soaring in the sky of Alps mountain. And it’s truly an honor to develop the verbal identity for it. The chosen name 雪山傲翼 [xuě shān ào yì] feels grand, unique and charismatic. The ‘proud’ DNA embedded in the name echoes perfectly with this collection which is meant to celebrate the strength and spirits of contemporary ‘Eagles’.”

— Alva Lv, Senior Verbal Strategy Consultant at Labbrand

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