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When Individuality Becomes Deja-vu: Rethinking Communication Strategy for a Differentiating Brand Identity
Levi’s launched a new commercial for the summer, continuing its “活出趣” or “Live out the fun” campaign in China. The slogan “活出趣” is an adaptation of Levi’s’ global brand campaign “Live in...
Using content to increase e-commerce performance
Go to any retail shop out there and you will see much more than just products on shelves. You will see an attractive store most likely designed by top architects and decorators, trained staff to support you and answer your questions, and contests to...
I’ll do it live! What the Rise of Live-Streaming Apps Means for Your Brand
Beginning with Meerkat’s breakout announcement at the South by Southwest interactive conference in the US, mobile video streaming apps have become the new hot-topic for users and brands alike.  This was furthered by the launch of Twitter...
Auto Shanghai 2015: New-Energy Vehicles’ Naming Strategy
New-energy vehicle (NEV) is no not a new term for Chinese consumers. The Tesla fever has been burning for a few years. The government has also implemented a subsidy policy that rewards NEV buyers with free Shanghai licenses, pushing the popularity...
From Hipster to Dorkbot, Creating Chinese Names for Subcultures
In today’s world, “culture” has become an ever-changing comprehensive concept. Many mainstream cultures were once a subculture before coming to dominance. If we were to say that mainstream culture is like a mature but a bit boring...
The Chinese New Year: How Can Brands Seize Opportunities Outside of China?
Stepping in 2015, the world is debating whether this lunar year should be called the Year of the Goat, the Sheep or the Ram. This should tell you something. The Chinese New Year has always been an opportunity for brands: in terms of sales,...