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Digital in China: DS, Momo, Yves Saint Laurent
Digital Brand Strategy Team DS Crowdsourcing for Automobiles  Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept, and its origins relate back to crowdsourcing. The idea goes that a seemingly impossible goal can be accomplished with the strength of...
Why Customer Reviews are Important in China and How Brands Should Leverage it
Kevin Gentle Digital Brand Strategy Team It is commonly said that digital heralded a new age of brand transparency. In the pre-digital age, many businesses thrived based on an asymmetry of information (or in laymen’s term “consumers...
Micro Videos: How It Works and Why It Matters to You
Susie Kim & Kevin Gentle Digital Brand Strategy Team As the saying goes, “every good comes in small packages”. The history of social media seems to confirm this saying. Over the past 10 years we’ve gone from long-form blogs...
Have You Met Cortana’s Little Sister XiaoBing, the Jolly Chat Robot by Microsoft?
Charlotte Zhang Corporate Branding Team Late June, Microsoft “revived” its beloved chat robot XiaoBing (小冰) in China via Sina Weibo and Android app TouchPal. The robot girl named XiaoBing immediately attracted numerous followers...
Digital in China: Samsung China, LM Bang, WeChat
Digital Brand Strategy Team Samsung China’s New Corporate Branding Campaign: Guard and Build Your Dreams Samsung China has launched a new CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) campaign reflecting Samsung’s long-term belief in...
Top 10 Takeaways for Semiotics Researchers in China from Semiofest 2014
We’ve had our fair share exploring and understanding the culture of China and transforming the insights into brand actions. Using semiotics as a research tool to understand culture is something we do at Labbrand. Earlier this year, we were...