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Digital Lessons from China: Innovating for Everyone
This is the first article in our “Digital Lessons from China” series, where we will challenge the notion of China as the ‘copycat nation’ and share with you real and relevant cases of Chinese digital innovation that can help...
A Battle in the Red Ocean: The Positioning Strategies of Chinese Smartphone Brands
The CES Asia 2016 just ended in May. This year, CES Asia mainly focused on the Internet of Things (loT) and interconnectivity. Although the importance of smartphones has paled against the emergence of more advanced technologies such as VR , AR , and...
Lessons from Pikachu: What Pokémon Go can Teach Brands about Augmented Reality
The entire world seems to be going crazy for Pokémon Go. For those not caught up: this remake of the classic 90s game makes players go around using their smartphone to find Pokémon in various real world locations. This overlay of a...
How to Localize Packaging for the Chinese Market
Intro No matter your brand’s situation, marketing to local consumers in China is challenging. In our recent piece on the 5 best and worst Chinese branding adaptations, we gave a few historical examples of huge miscommunications between...
What We Can Learn from the Digital Platypus
The platypus is an animal that lives in Australia, it inhabits little ponds and basins and probably it’s the most extraordinary animal that you can ever meet. If you happen to stumble upon this furry thing you’ll notice that it...
Managing Brand Identities in a Digital Age
Few issues are as crucial and sensitive for brands as that of brand identity: how a brand is projected and perceived by its audience across different touch points.  At Labbrand many of our projects touch upon this issue. From social media key...