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Have You Met Cortana’s Little Sister XiaoBing, the Jolly Chat Robot by Microsoft?
Late June, Microsoft “revived” its beloved chat robot XiaoBing (小冰) in China via Sina Weibo and Android app TouchPal. The robot girl named XiaoBing immediately attracted numerous followers expecting her tongue-in-cheek responses in a...
Digital in China: Samsung China, LM Bang, WeChat
Digital Brand Strategy Team Samsung China’s New Corporate Branding Campaign: Guard and Build Your Dreams Samsung China has launched a new CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) campaign reflecting Samsung’s long-term belief in...
Top 10 Takeaways for Semiotics Researchers in China from Semiofest 2014
We’ve had our fair share exploring and understanding the culture of China and transforming the insights into brand actions. Using semiotics as a research tool to understand culture is something we do at Labbrand. Earlier this year, we were...
Digital in China: Tencent’s New Purchase, Underwear by AV Idol on Weibo, and SMZDM with New Crowdsourcing Platform
Susie Kim Digital Brand Strategy Team Tencent Buys to Expand WeChat Services Tencent, the company behind WeChat, has purchased a 19.9% stake in at $40 USD a piece with the presumed intention of using the website to complement...
2014 World Cup: From Sponsorship to Engagement
Kevin Gentle & Eileen Tang Digital Brand Strategy Team As one of the world’s biggest sporting events, the FIFA World Cup is always the occasion for top brands to go all out and use the very latest tools in their branding and marketing...
fast fashion, China strategy, brand positioning
Junzhu Chen & Ying Mu Brand Strategy and Corporate Branding Team To Chinese consumers who might lack trust in Chinese brands, imported product quality + foreign brand history + European style decoration and store management should greatly...