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design, logo, Pepsi
Five years after Pepsi announced its new logo , the update is finally reaching the Chinese market. Images of Pepsi’s new logo and packaging in China have surfaced. The style is much simpler than before, highlighting only the Pepsi logo and...
real time marketing, digital strategy
Digital marketers are prime candidates for “Shiny object syndrome”. It’s our nature to chase the next big thing and right now we’re caught in a real time marketing (or RTM) frenzy. In this article we take a look at what real...
digital, mobile, China strategy
WeChat opens up payment functionality Ever since WeChat’s launch we’ve been calling for brands to view it as a customer support and e-commerce platform rather than as a marketing channel. Recent news only confirms the potential of...
mobile, digital strategy, WeChat
Sing the Big Mac rap! McDonalds’ is currently rolling out a campaign all over China promoting its signature Big Mac hamburger. The campaign includes deep discounts on Big Macs to encourage people to go “back to basics” in their...
strategy, positioning, digital
Few buzzwords seem more powerful and ubiquitous right now than “content marketing”. Digital is creating a brave new world in which brands must communicate with customers on an on-going basis through a multitude of touch points. This...
digital strategy
Every year, the period before Chinese New Year represents an opportunity for brands to reconnect with their local customers and boost their relevancy by associating their name to this most important event. This week in a special edition of Digital...