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Practical First Steps to Getting Started with Digital Transformation
Across industries, many brands are becoming aware of the necessity to grow beyond a purely tactical vision of digital. Most companies now acknowledge the need for ambitious digital transformation projects to self-disrupt, and kick start changes in...
Branding Tech Companies: Snap, Inc.’s Brand Innovation
Snapchat once again is the first of its kind. The tech company on Friday Sep 24th announced two major changes to its brand. First, it’s renaming itself Snap, Inc., which according to CEO Evan Spiegal will allow the brand to experiment and...
Digital Lessons from China: Messaging as a Platform
The following article is part of our ‘Digital Lessons from China’ series, where we outline best practices and takeaways from China’s advanced digital ecosystem. Over the summer, Facebook Messenger launched its chat bot feature...
Channeling Creativity through Brand Messaging
Can you count on every one of your employees to craft the perfect brand message? Brand messaging is essential to branding. The messages that the brand sends out centralize people’s perceptions of the brand, and reinforce the value...
Workshops that Work: A Tool for Agile Product Innovation
Workshops. They have been around for ages and used in companies for years, but are now elevated to a buzzword and even a must-have. Workshops can take different forms and achieve various objectives, and they do not always need to include sticky...
Brand Naming in Asia: IP Lessons from “LV Dak”
World famous luxury brand Louis Vuitton (LV) was awarded 14.5 million won ($12,500 USD, or 83,000 RMB) this April in a lawsuit with a Seoul fried chicken restaurant named “Louis Vuitton Dak”.  The restaurant was first sued in...