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Rethinking Internal Branding: How to break free from the stumbling blocks of evolution
Branding within is a definite differentiator for a company that seeks greater success, growth, as well as loyalty. That’s a no brainer. But why aren’t companies doing this, as often as it should be? What will be the stumbling blocks...
Alphabet or Alpha Bet? How the Transformation of Brand Architecture Impacts Google
Larry Page once said to his staff, technology is revolutionary, not evolutionary. On August 10th, 2015, Google made a surprising announcement - it will restructure its businesses and launch a brand new holding company named Alphabet to separate the...
China Web Culture Digest: 2015 Hot Words Volume II
Preface Web culture is everything that we love at Labbrand: it’s chaotic, reactive and constitutes one giant laboratory for cultural innovation. It is a window into what’s going on in China that every brand should pay attention to....
Minion Yellow: Energizing Colors for Digital Media
Bold, bright, vibrant, and ‘uplifting’ are the words used to describe Minion Yellow, the Pantone Color Institute’s latest addition to the Pantone Color Library. In a statement, the Institute’s executive director Leatrice...
Do’s & Don’ts for Brands Trying to Reach Millennials
THE MILLENNIAL IDENTITY In a nutshell, the word “Millennials” is supposed to describe the generation born between 1980 and the mid-2000s: a generation that has grown up with internet, with Social Media, with digital. The word seems to...
Revisiting Video: Opportunities for Building Brand Equity Across Cultures
Some international brands must adapt to different cultural needs of their target markets in order to be successful. The best way for brands to do so, however, is the highly debated question that everyone is trying to answer.  Video...