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From Hipster to Dorkbot, Creating Chinese Names for Subcultures
In today’s world, “culture” has become an ever-changing comprehensive concept. Many mainstream cultures were once a subculture before coming to dominance. If we were to say that mainstream culture is like a mature but a bit boring...
The Chinese New Year: How Can Brands Seize Opportunities Outside of China?
Stepping in 2015, the world is debating whether this lunar year should be called the Year of the Goat, the Sheep or the Ram. This should tell you something. The Chinese New Year has always been an opportunity for brands: in terms of sales,...
“Dialogue”, “collaborative”, “fan participation”. These are all words that pop up often when discussing the impact of digital on brands’ online engagement strategies. Social platforms indeed differ from...
China’s Digital Powered Foodie Revolution
Through the best of times and the worst of times, food is always on the mind of Chinese people. As a famous Chinese proverb goes, “Food comes first for the people” (民以食为天). Today, Chinese people’s relationship to food and food...
Alibaba’s TMall Changes the Way Chinese People Greet on Single’s Day
November 11th is the biggest day of the year for Chinese B2C e-commerce giant – TMall, a branch business of the company with the world’s largest IPO - Alibaba Corporation. This date marks a new “holiday” in China called...
From Data to Content Marketing: 3 Key Tips for Brands to Make This Work
Few terms are as overhyped as “content marketing” and “big data.” But what happens when you bring both together? Many brands have been doing just that and demonstrating that the best content comes from data. Data capture...