12 FEB. 2020

What to Keep in Mind in 2020 for Naming in China?

Coline Castell

Naming Team, Shanghai

As we enter the new decade, everyone is trying to foresee the upcoming trends and become the top player in China's huge and growing market. In the coming decade, China's economy will undergo massive changes influenced by its booming middle class and major shifts in consumption habits.

For foreign brands in China, here's what's most important to know. Being foreign is no longer enough to win consumers' hearts.

The hyper pace of change in the last decade has led to a massive culture gap. Millennials and Generation Z have taken over the market, and they demand to be noticed. Most foreign brands realized long ago that they needed a Chinese name, but newcomers to the market have to adapt to new trends to stick.

Creating a Chinese name might seem a daunting task. Don't panic! We're here to share a few tips on how to make your Chinese name stand out and strike passion in 2020.

What Does it Take to Make a Good Chinese Name in the New Decade?

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Verbal Identity Consultant, Shanghai

As a verbal identity consultant, Coline has been actively accompanying brands throughout the name creation process. She has also been actively working for in-house projects and trainings for top management teams.



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